$4500/Month Non-Phone No Experience Work-From-Home Job

Check out this $4500/month non-phone, no-experience work-from-home job at Modx

Modx is a custom cms (content management system) platform.

MODX is the ultimate platform for any digital experience. It combines the best of open source CMS, development frameworks, and managed cloud hosting. Blazing fast. Secure. Infinitely flexible. MODX helps you create, collaborate, deliver, and iterate with less complexity, compromise, and bloat.

MODX gives powerful collaboration tools to normal users, including industry-leading Backstage selective content staging. Multiple ways to stage content and roll back if you change your mind. You can manage your content lifecycle without needing server admins or DB geeks to help.

What you’ll do:

Helping our customers get the most out of MODX Cloud and enjoy using our service

Respond quickly and accurately to customer requests in Zendesk

Collaborate internally using Slack and Basecamp

Get things done from home without getting distracted

Help us improve our self-help and internal customer support tools and documentation 

Activating features on customer accounts  

Migrating customer sites from external web hosts into MODX Cloud

Migrating customer websites between our data center locations

Troubleshooting issues with MODX, WordPress, and the occasional Laravel site

Creating or updating internal and customer-facing documentation

Coordinate or participate in the occasional incident responses—it’s servers and the internet after all!

Participate in on-call schedules for after-hours escalations, though we do have a follow-the-sun support model


Managing yourself, making effective decisions, and communicating clearly with and collaborating well with colleagues

Following and improving upon processes, care about the details, and love creating excellent documentation

Communicating well and seeking to understand—both in text and verbally

Learning new things quickly and often—and not being afraid to ask for help

Building websites or creating content in them

Native-like English fluency, both written and spoken. You need to be able to read and listen to requests in English and be able to discuss and take written and verbal feedback from colleagues. It doesn’t need to be your first language but a close second or third. 

Reliable, high-speed internet access, a reasonably modern computer, and reliable electrical infrastructure. 


You’ve built or worked with MODX CMS websites

You have a familiarity with HTML, CSS, JS (bonus for PHP and MySQL)

You are super comfortable using SSH and working from a shell/command line on servers

You use the phrase “creative freedom” in your application letter

You’ve tinkered with Ubuntu and nginx and know what HA means

You can write and speak Dutch, German, or Russian


“The compensation range for a team member in this role is $62,000 to $83,000 annually, plus a performance commission, where the offer typically falls in the range of $67,000 to $73,000.”


The impact of supporting customers by using a product that customers from all over the world love, and being part of the reason why it continues to grow

Unlimited paid time off and vacation as long as your work gets done

Medical/dental/vision insurance for you and your family (US)

Free MODX Cloud hosting service for you, your family, and extra-close friends

Paid travel to MODX Community events and conferences

Funding support to improve your home office, upgrade your computer, buy software, pick up a generator and UPS, or for a co-working space membership

Expert BBQ lessons from a lifelong Texan/foodie aficionado

How to Apply

We’d love to get to know who you are and what unique skills and perspectives you will add to our team and culture at MODX. We’d like you to take the time to write an original cover letter in the form of an email that brings those things to light along with: 

Why do you want to work at MODX as opposed to somewhere else?

Describe a great customer service/support experience you had recently, and what made it great.

Tell us about a time you taught yourself a new skill to complete a job or project and how you learned it.

Include a link to your favorite restaurant website.

Then, pick three out of the following real-world support questions below and answer them like you would if you worked here (hint: at this point, we value tone and style over correctness):

Does MODX Cloud offer non-profit or educational discounts?

Can I get a download of my website?

Do you support two-factor authentication (2FA) for signing in?

How do I get my website into MODX Cloud?

How do I install WordPress for a blog in MODX Cloud?

Does MODX Cloud support email inboxes? 

Email support-job@modx.com your cover letter and a PDF copy of your CV/Résumé. Use the subject line: “<First Name> is Your Next MODX Support Specialist”.

Visit the official website “CLICK HERE