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Social Cash Club Network is the upcoming Adnetwork in India like Google Ads around the world, It is India’s First CPA Network that aims to deliver quality traffic for performance-based advertising in India.

With Social Cash Club Network you can earn money online without investing any money, It can generate you a passive income from home

About Social Cash Club Network

Social Cash Club Network provides advertising solutions for advertisers around the world in India through a continuous effort of driving quality traffic, with the help of publishers, and maintaining a cost-effective marketing program, to achieve your desired goal of becoming your preferred CPA Network.

It works closely with Advertisers and Publishers, by providing them constant support at all times and takes CPA Marketing to another level of advertising.

The team of Affiliate Managers can help you provide advertisers with optimum digital advertising solutions and help publishers choose the right offers according to their website/other traffic types.

Social Cash Club Network is a fully owned subsidiary of SRMAK Technological System Private Limited and India’s First Affiliate Network with Exclusive CPA Offers.


SRMAK Technological System Private Limited an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and is the promotor of Social Cash Club Network strives to provide seamless access to sustainable and Online Earner quality Earning. 

Skill up training to all by using innovative technologies and methodologies for Affiliate Programmed and ensuring convergence of existing systems for massive human resources required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding.

To produce 1 Cr Member & professionals.

To provide Work from home jobs to 500,000 families across the world.

To establish 10,000 SCCN branches worldwide.


Social Cash Club Network(SCCN) is a company built on strong values & morals. And believes in staying true to words. As a result, It has earned the trust of many publishers who work month on month.

Join the Social Cash Club Network now to start earning from home

Why Social Cash Club Network?


For Advertisers, You can Pay only after you get results! Tell us the objective & let us deliver.


Their expertise in CPS campaigns can help you generate more sales on your E-commerce site.


With Social Cash Club Network affiliate network, generate guaranteed & verified leads of potential clients.


If you are New in business? Try Social Cash Club Network’s specialized branding, performance-oriented to give you ROI.


With the mobile network plan, It helps you get guaranteed installs to bring you the Top Grossing list fastest.


Convert your website links to money-making links without much effort on marketing & affiliate links!

7. Advertisers

Trusted By 20+ of Brands Worldwide

Affiliates are paid only for actual verified sales. This way, you get guaranteed quality of sales, leads, clicks, and impressions.

Your dedicated account manager will always stay in touch with you (no matter how far our time zones are) and keep a check on traffic for quality assurance.

8. Pay per performance 

We are a result-oriented Affiliate network; you pay us only for decided action, be it sales or leads. No setup or maintenance fee.


We understand that your business model is unique & so are your requirements so we build a marketing campaign to best suit your business.


We monitor our publisher’s performance regularly keeping in mind the traffic generated and quality delivered. You will never have to pay for bad/fraudulent leads.


Our dedicated account manager will provide you with a daily/weekly/monthly report of lead/sales delivered to maintain the accuracy of data.


We provide targeted worldwide traffic to ensure each marketing campaign Social Cash Club Network is a success. Our expert team chooses the best affiliates to run each campaign.


It is one of the first independent affiliate networks that the country has! They are essentially a performance-based CPA network with 35+ CPS / CPL / CPA / CPI campaigns at any given point in time!


Social Cash Club Network is founded by former affiliate marketers. It intends to become an affiliate’s network to ensure that they form a strong base to our network & we take the brand’s marketing to another level!


We’re a performance-based marketing company so we charge after an action but function in a way to provide maximum brand visibility with client response.


Trusted By More Than 13,000 Publishers India

Fastest payments

Only Indian network to pay NET-7 month on month across all campaigns.

Exclusive Indian offers

Not only do we have top clients but we also have exclusive & innovative campaigns.

Real-time reporting 

We provide you with real-time reporting, with which, each publisher has access to view his/her commissions earned and conversion rate. The publisher can view leads, clicks, impressions, and sales of his/her offers run, which is available 24*7.

High performing Offers

We give you hundreds of offers to choose from so that you can get a higher return. We have segregated each offer depending on Country and Niche, to make it simpler for the Publisher at the time of choosing a particular campaign.

Types of Income

A. Methods Of Earning From SCCN

You will get a ₹ 100 bonus on installing and you can make money by doing self-work ₹ 500 ₹ 1000 on the first day And you can get by collecting money easily Can sit home If you have mobile too Move easily you money Can earn ₹ 15000-20000 per month

B. Invites And Earns

Make win after that Money by referring your friends You can earn your Profile and share your friends When your friends give you offers Move you From ₹ 120 – ₹ 400 you get one Friend is able to refer Not only this but you Friends also refer someone.

Then you also get commission Reconciliation of Mila Hadot Do you do that too You get commission Level income understood.

Let us look at its business plan. Joining in this company is absolutely free and you get Rs.100 / – as soon as you join, so people are joining more and more, but there is a big game behind it which will be explained in the future.

About 10 Rs. 120 / – If you have Rs.1200 / – you can play 10 or 10 minutes on the downline by playing the game or playing the game with 1 player or 7 players. Please.

C.Level Income

There are Gifts And Rewards Every Month from SCCN 

Level 3 (Bronze Level):- Samsung SmartPhone Worth up to 20000.

Level 4 (Silver Level):- Hero Xtreme Sports Worth up to 1 Lakh. 

Level 5 ( Gold Level):- Tata Tiago Worth Up to 6 Lakh.

Level 6(Platinum Level):- BMW 3 Series Worth up to 50 Lakh.

Level 7(Diamond Level):- Your Dream House Worth Upto 1Cr.


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