5 NO FACE Money making Youtube Channel Ideas 2021

5 NO FACE Money making Youtube Channel Ideas

There are quite a lot of youtube channels that are very popular on youtube that earn a lot of money without even showing their face. 

In fact, they are quite successful as well some of the easiest ones you can do without being on camera at all. 

1. Tutorial channels

This is one of the popular ways to do youtube videos without showing face by doing tutorials.

You can start an educational channel by teaching programming or a cooking channel. For example, you can look into this channel Sam The Cooking Guy.

He just shows his hands to cook occasionally. You can be on camera sometimes but most of the time you can just watch him cook without seeing his face.

Another popular niche is coding tutorials. You can just turn on the screen recording and show how to code step-by-step with examples.

For example, CS Dojo is an amazing youtube channel that you can see and have inspiration.

2. Subreddit channels

This is a popular niche to work on as the competition is very less compared to other niches and also pays well. 

These are just compilation channels that choose a category on Reddit and post the popular posts with their own voice or with a text-to-speech converter.

Most of the YouTubers will just narrate the posts or comments on them. One popular example is Emkay, rSlash.

There are other popular Reddit-related channels that use computer voice for narration like “Sir Reddit”

Here most of the narration consists of posts from popular subreddits like r/AskReddit and its top responses.

You might think there won’t be many viewers but it’s the opposite, these videos get over a million views on youtube. 

And your content is evergreen as users always post questions and there would be always responses to it.

3. Gaming Clip channels

You don’t need to start another live-streaming gaming channel to earn good money like popular gamers like Ninja.

There are popular channels that do compilation videos of wins, fails, and bloopers moments from popular games like PubG, Fortnite, and Rainbow Six Siege.

For example, you can see Red Arcade which compiles the videos into one, they use the content from other youtube channels and also from twitch along with their own clips.

Or, you can create a channel upload your own compilations or tutorials that you have played on Xbox One, PS4, and other gaming platforms.

You can earn good money with these kinda videos as the education niche can make a lot of money and is evergreen.  

Or, you could just create a channel that has tutorials or your own highlights. Xbox One, PS4, and other gaming platforms usually have a way for you to record clips after you do something cool within about 5 minutes of it happening.

Edit those clips, do some keyword research, and post them on YouTube to see if you can make some money.

4. Motivation channels 

Motivational channels have been taking off in many forms over the last few years and always have been popular.

There are many channels that post videos about the top success tips from different famous people And some channels narrate the success stories of successful people.

for example like Evan Carmichael, even himself isn’t even in the video but he just says quotes and 

For instance, you can look at a channel like Evan Carmichael, which posts videos about the top success tips from different successful people.

There are channels like Motivation Madness. That freelances the work by putting in audio and video from famous business owners, psychologists, actors, etc. to motivate.

There is pretty simple video editing to be done as you can use stock video and audio.

But there’s a copyright problem that you might come across as you are using other people’s audio, stock video clips, short clips of the celebrity, and subtitles.

You can ask for permission from the original content creators and give them credits. 

You can create a lot of content based not this theme without yourself on the video.

5. Product reviews/comparisons

Revewing products is a great way to earn on youtube without being on camera, just your voice and handling of the product is enough.

There are a lot of tech channels that have just took off in the recent times, like product unboxing or toy reviews or expensive watch reviews. Where you only see part of youtuber (Hands).

For example you can look at FunToys Collector Disney Toys Review. Ryan’s World is the top earning youtube channel of 2020.

You can also review and compare different tech products by just using pics and video of the products along with the displaying features of the product.

There are a lot of Basic video editing tool like Kinemaster and you can use Camtesia for screen recording and video editing in PC for free.

You can also record using your mobile by using AZ Screen Recorder and can edit videos using Kinemaster which also has a free version.