How to get perks and benefits from Google maps / google local guide benefits / all about Google Local Guide

As a google local guide, you earn points when you share reviews, photos, and knowledge on Google Maps. Those points lead to higher levels of the program, as well as benefits like early access to Google features and special rewards from partners. At Level 4, you also unlock your first Local Guides badge, which helps your contributions to places get noticed.

For suppose all of a sudden, you got to go to a new place, to get your work done and you don’t know any friends or relatives in that city. What is the first thing you do? open google maps and search for places you want to go and check for the directions and details like is it accessible by public transport or by private transport and then you would be visiting the place.

Did you ever think, who did all those work?

Who uploaded all those photos of the places? Who wrote the reviews of places?

These works are done by local guide. It’s a voluntary program, launched by Google to add information to Maps and edit the information which is already present and is wrong.

Google local guide benefits

You will get some perks by google like discount coupons of OYO, RED BUS, SWIGGY, etc of popular e-commers sites.
You will get access to beta versions of google products like currently users got Google One access for 1 TB for 6 month or many more.
You may got a chance to visit local guide annual summit at Google headquarter USA.
Local Guides can even report a bug and suggest an improvement directly to the developers and make some changes to Maps.
By this, the local businesses which are not very aware to people will get some attention and many will get to know about them. It actually increases the small business of people.
You can contact, interact, meet local guides globally in Meet ups. You can also organize your own meet up to meet new people and post it to the Google Events Calendar.

Google local guide contribution points:

You will get points based on the contributions you make and based on the number of points your google guides levels increases as you get more levels the more perks you will get. It’s all possible by tapping the “Your Contributions” option in the left slider menu.

Answer: 1 point per answer

Rating: 1 point per rating

Review with more than 200 characters: 10 bonus points per review

Fact checked: 1 point per fact checked

Photo tags: 3 points per tag

Respond to Q&As: 3 points per response

Description (in list): 5 points per description added

Edit: 5 points per edit

Photo: 5 points per photo

Video: 7 points per video

Eligible list published: 10 points per published list

Review: 10 points per review

Place added: 15 points per place added

Road added: 15 points per road added

google guides levels

Those points lead to higher levels of the program. Reach higher levels as you earn points for your contributions.

Level 1: 0 points No badge

Level 2: 15 points No badge

Level 3: 75 points No badge

Level 4: 250 points

Level 5: 500 points

Level 6: 1500 points

Level 7: 5000 points

Level 8: 15,000 points

Level 9: 50,000 points

Level 10: 1,00,000 points

So if you are doing it… It’s good but think as if you are doing charity. Go in with those expectations.

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