9 Easy Ways To Earn Money by doing Nothing! (Earn money online 2021)

9 easy ways to earn money online

who dosen’t like to earn a passive income by doing nothing, these are the 9 easy ways to earn money by doing nothing.

These are the simple and easy ways to have a passive income without sweating much

Lockscreen Apps

Most of the people these days own an Android or an IOS device, if you own an android device then you can earn a little extra passive income from ads on your lock screen.

1. Slidejoy

It is one of the top lock screen apps that reward you is Slidejoy.

Rent your lock screen to Slidejoy for cash and gift cards. Enjoy hot deals, trending news, and app notifications right on your lock screen.

Using slide joy you can make an extra $10 or so per month from installing the free app on your Android device and you need to give permission for displaying it on your phone’s lock screen.

Your lock screen won’t be completely replaced by ads, just adds a screen in front of your screen that contains time, date, ad, etc.

You just need to swipe an extra screen to open your phone that’s it

In other words, you would just swipe twice to unlock your phone instead of once that’s it to earn money.

You can get up to 20% for referring your friends and family in the first month with Slidejoy.

But there is a catch here you need to cash out at least once per month if not your earnings can expire.

You can easily withdraw money through a free Paypal gift card, the minimum  $1 is the withdrawal limit.

You can easily increase your earnings by combining Slidejoy with other lock screen apps.

Slidejoy is available only on Android

2. S’more

It is similar to Slidejoy that rewards you to get ads placed on your lockscreen

S’more is a Lockscreen rewards app that allows you to earn points in exchange for us placing ads and content on your Lockscreen.

Not only with ads on your lock screen you can also start earning by taking surveys and completing offers.

The minimum age limit is at least 13 years or older to use the app and you need to be a US citizen or in its territories to use this app.

You will get Appr $0.10 per day to keep the app installed and running ads on your lockscreen.

There is also a referral bonus of about $0.25 for every person you refer to the app.

You can use this app along with Slidejoy, with this advantage you can earn passive income regularly.

Get S’more for Android here.

Price Change Rebate Apps

This is also a great way to earn passive money without doing much is through apps that automatically pay you for price changes.

3. Earny

Earny works on your behalf and gets the money that is owed to you by automatically tracking your online purchases, finding better prices and filing the claim

With Earny, you get paid when an item you bought goes down in price later on.

So, if you bought a DSLR camera on Amazon for $200 and the price was cut to $150 later on, Earny would try to get you that $50 refund for the difference.

But you cant keep the entire refund for yourself, Earny will take a commission of 25% of the refunded amount.

They find these refunds by automatically scanning your emails, Amazon account, or bank account and cross-referencing what you paid for different items with the latest price of them.

Sign up for Earny here from the official website.

4. Paribus

Paribus is very similar to Earny .

Paribus is a unique, automated price tracking service that helps shoppers get automatic refunds when prices drop on their latest purchases.

With Paribus, you get paid when they scan your email, bank account or Amazon account for receipts of purchases.

They automatically look for the latest prices of the items you bought, and if the price has dropped, they will do what they can to get you a refund for the difference.

Just like Earny, they also take a 25% cut, but you can get it reduced a few different ways.

The main advantage of paribus is that if you share your reduced price on Social media you will get a 20% discount off of their cut.

Another thing you can do is refer friends to use the service, which will give you another 5% discount on their cut.

Sign up for Paribus now to avail your offer.

Search Apps

Do you know that just by searching on the web you can earn passive money?, 

5. Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, you can get paid to do lots of things like the following:

Take surveys

Shop online

Watch videos

Refer friends

But, another interesting thing is that they also pay you for is searching the web.

Instead of using the most popular Google search and get paid nothing, you can use Swagbucks to search and make a little extra money.

The minimum amount in your wallet is $25 to cashout via paypal money or any popular gift cards etc.

Sign up for Swagbucks from the official website here.

6. Microsoft Rewards

The new Microsoft Rewards is basically the organisation’s new approach to gather more user data by rewarding them for using the service.

You will get paid in Microsoft Store credit for using their Edge browser and bing search engine for your internet searches.

There are two levels based on that you would be rewarded for Level 1 members can earn up to 5 points per day or 150 points per month.

Level 2 members can earn up to 20 points per day and 600 points per month.

You can cash out by using your points towards sweepstakes or Microsoft Store purchases.

Sign up for Microsoft Rewards from the official website here.

7. Brave

Brave Ads is an opt-in advertising platform that rewards you to view non-invasive ads without compromising your privacy. 

In exchange for paying attention, you earn 70% of the ad revenue that Brave receives.

It is one of the popular ways to earn money online from searching the internet is with the Brave browser.

With Brave, they claim that you can browse privately than with major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, etc.

Brave pays you 70% of the ad revenue that they earn which is huge than any other browsers are giving.

You might not earn a lot using the Brave browser as it a relatively new service but you can earn a passive income of $5 or so per month.

Brave also supports a crome extension so you don’t have to lose those if you switch.

Walking Apps

Who doesn’t likes to be fit?, getting fit and also getting paid is a great way to earn a passive income doesn’t it?

I mean, sure. Technically, walking is not doing “nothing.”

8. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin Pays You To Get Fit is an app to get rewards simply by walking. 

It is becoming popular with more the an 40M+ users worldwide using it.

The app tracks your steps daily and rewards you in terms of “Sweatcoins”.

With these sweatcoins you can convert or exchange for a free paypal gift card or you can buy workout gear or other things in their marketplace.

These sweatcoins are like digital currency which you can use to buy things in the marketplace.

Visit the official website of sweatcoins from here.

Photo Apps

This popular way of getting passive income by doing nothing i.e selling photos to apps.

This app accepts most of the photos not like some websites or apps that accept only professional photos.

If you just like taking photos with your smartphone and having a huge collection of photos you can easily submit your photos as amateur.

9. Foap

Foap is a free app that lets you sell your photos and videos, Many Businesses, and well-known brands often buy images for commercial use.

Just upload the images you already have on your phone of things like your Cat, scenery from vacation, or any photos that really liked, etc.

As far as earnings, you also get 50% of the sale price with Foap, so when people pay $20 to download your photo, you get $10.

And all of this is basically free money because you would’ve had these photos just sitting in your phone anyway and now someone can use them for commercial use, maybe you can see them somewhere popular.