5 Ways to get Free money from Paypal – No Experience required

Ways to get Free money from Paypal

Are you a student and If you’d like a little side cash send to your PayPal account without having to do much work or waste a lot of time, here are a few great options that you can use to get free PayPal money:

1. Data Collection

If you want truly passive income you might try data collection apps like Embee Meter CX, which pays via PayPal.

With Embee Meter CX, you can earn $0.01-$2 per day or more based on your location and the tasks you do.

Apps like Embee Meter collects anonymous data in the background while the app is installed on your phone and use the data for market research studies.

While this app you can only earn a few dollars but still you would get little extra cash without you having to do anything.

2. Play Raffles

With apps like Daily Raffle, you can earn PayPal money for free just by logging in every day and picking a few numbers.

It’s kind of like playing the lottery except you don’t actually have to pay for the tickets or invest your money into it.

And even though the payouts are obviously nowhere close to those huge lottery amounts that you get but you can still earn up to $1000 in the prize for free.  

As a side note, you’ll need $100 earned before you can cash out via PayPal, which you can get in a couple of days if you log in daily.

3. Sell your photos

In fact, you can just sell the photos that are already on your phone or your DSLR camera using apps like EyeEm, Foap, Shutterstock and Pixels.

Believe it or not, you don’t need an expensive camera or Phone lot of know-how to make money from photography.


Join a community of over 8 million creators around the globe in EyeEm. Gain exposure, share your inspiration and sell your photos.

With EyeEm, you can sell your photos through their app or website and you will get 50% of the sale price.

Plus, you can collect your earnings quickly if your photos get sold because there is no minimum needed to cash out.

But, earnings can vary because people who buy photos can either buy per photo or through a partner subscription service.

You also can get paid via PayPal money or get a free papal gift card.


Foap is a free app that lets you sell your photos and videos, Many Businesses, and well-known brands often buy images for commercial use.

Just upload the images you already have on your phone of things like your Cat, scenery from vacation, or any photos that really liked, etc.

As far as earnings, you also get 50% of the sale price with Foap, so when people pay $20 to download your photo, you get $10.

And all of this is basically free money because you would’ve had these photos just sitting in your phone anyway and now someone can use them for commercial use, maybe you can see them somewhere popular.

4. Scan receipts

Another super simple way to make extra money is to take those receipts you get from grocery stores, retailers, and even hotel bookings and scan them with the Ibotta app and in India, you can also use the Magicpin app.

All you have to do is take a picture of the receipt with your smartphone camera while in the Ibotta app and they can give you cashback for purchasing certain promotional items.

You can literally get paid to try one brand of food over the other at your grocery store or visit another restaurant that offers more cashback!

And to make it easier, you can even link your store rewards card, so you don’t have to keep scanning in the future.

You also get $10 for free if you sign up  Ibotta app through this link right here or just used this code: hbabpjp. And in Magicpin you will get 100 coins on joining if you “Click here” or you can use THUS7071, 

You can get good rewards for each scan you do, in a Magicpin you will up to 50% of cashback if you scan before 24Hr and in Ibotta app on average, pay between $0.25-$5 in cashback.

Just a nice way to make a little money off those otherwise useless receipts and the bills you will get from the grocessy and restaurants!

5. Download and try apps

If you are a person who likes to try out news and get paid free paypal money then this is for you you probably would be doing anyway is downloading and trying out apps and deleting it if you don’t like

There are Apps like. FeaturePoints that actually pay in tokens for downloading and using the apps, these tokens you can convert to Paypal money.

There are many popular apps like, Vedantu, Byjus, Clash of clans, FB Messager and many other apps that you can try

Plus, you can also get paid to take surveys, shop online, do free trials, etc using FeaturePoints.

They’ll also give you 50 free points as a beginner when you sign up if you use the code: 

And when it comes to cashing out, if you have lots of options like PayPal, Flipkart Gift coin, Amazon Gift card, Bitcoin, gift cards, and more.

Plus, their payment process is very fast compared to other apps in this space.