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Here at GMR Transcription, It strives to provide great transcription and translation solutions for all of your personal and professional projects. Ever since  GMR Transcription was founded in 2004, accuracy, great service, and transparency are company values that they champion. 

From writers to universities to government institutions, non-profit organizations, and more organizations have used their services, Many clients are very proud to be their trusted partner for transcription services.

They hire detail-oriented, US-based transcriptionists to live up to our 99% accuracy guarantee. Their team can provide high-quality services with quick turnarounds. Robots, artificial intelligence, and algorithms are no match for to highly trained team of transcriptionists available at GMR Transcriptions. 

With a vast knowledge of legal terminology, the medical field, and academia, their transcriptionists ensure all aspects of your transcription and translation projects are incredibly accurate up to 99%.

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GMR Transcription wants you to be as satisfied as possible with your transcripts. That’s why we provide a 99% accuracy guarantee on transcripts with good quality audio that we do not deem as difficult. In the rare case that a transcript for good quality audio is not 99% accurate, we will redo it at no extra charge.

What Do We Consider Difficult Audio?

  • Audio with heavy background noise
  • Audio with people speaking over one another
  • Audio with low-speaking voices that are difficult to hear
  • Audio that has been poorly recorded
  • Audio with thick accents
  • Audio with medical or scientific terminology that requires research

How Do We Guarantee 99% Accuracy?

All transcripts at GMR Transcription go through two separate levels of proofreading. Our transcriptionists are entirely U.S. based and familiar with various accents. They are able to meet strict standards for accuracy and timely turnaround of transcripts. 

Their employment practices are designed to employ and retain only the best and most dependable transcriptionists. We do our best to ensure that our team of transcriptionists has background knowledge of diverse subjects, such as medicine, legal, business, and academics in order to maintain accuracy in many specialised transcription services.

How much you can earn from GMR transcription?

GMR transcriptionists/translators typically earn between $1,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on their skills and the kind of work they take. For example, a transcriptionist will earn more if they are willing to take more difficult assignments or files with expedited turnaround times. As our transcriptionists become more experienced, they start earning more income for the same amount of time they put in.

They value their team of transcriptionists and pride themselves on the wonderful relationships they have built with them. they strive to provide valuable feedback to transcriptionists, so they can continue to grow in terms of knowledge, experience, and proficiency. As a result, they have highly satisfied transcriptionists who enjoy working with us and a low staff turnover rate.

Eligibility to apply for the 10th pass jobs

  • To get started, all you need is a computer with high-speed internet, MS Office, a foot pedal, and over the ear headphones. 
  • No experience is required, but you must pass a strict transcription test.
  • They do not charge any testing or registration fees to work.
  • You have the freedom to work from home at your own pace, with the flexibility to pick and choose which assignments you take. 
  • Working as much or as little as you want is entirely up to you.

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